ATV Live Stream

The online stream of ATV’s television broadcast is provided by Ustream. Want to know what’s on? Check out our broadcast schedule. Live on campus? You can also watch ATV on campus cable channels 2 & 15.

Using an iPhone or iPad? Download the free Ustream App on the App Store. Search for the “AUATV” channel to stream ATV live on your iOS device!

Live Stream FAQ

What’s with the advertisements?
The extra video and popup advertisements are inserted into our stream by Ustream. ATV retains absolutely no control over Ustream’s embedded ads and cannot be held responsible for their content.

Why is the stream “Off Air?”
The software that we use to allow us to simulcast our television broadcast on Ustream is not perfect. From time to time, internet connection issues or other unexpected outages may occur, interrupting the stream, and it requires one of us to manually turn the stream back on. If this happens, we will try to notice it and restore the stream as soon as possible.

Outages may also occur if our office experiences a momentary power outage, in which case our entire broadcast goes offline and requires us to reset our broadcast routers manually. We may also experience outages from time to time due to planned maintenance on our broadcast server. If our broadcast is offline due to a planned outage, we will post a notice on our home page with details.

ATV Broadcast Status Reports

We try to report outages with our campus broadcast and online live stream on our @ATVstatus Twitter feeds. If you notice an outage or other issue with our broadcast or live stream that we are not yet aware of, send a tweet to @ATVstatus or email our Internal Operation Director.