Fence Episode 3 - Less Than Kind

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Created by Madeleine Veigh Harrison Directed Nora Marris Written by Madeleine Veigh Harrison Original Score by Nora Marris

Executive Producers: Madeleine Veigh Harrison Nora Marris Karissa Waddick

Director of Photography: Nora Marris Mercedes Fernandez

Sound Designer: Henry Mayr

First Assistant Director: Karissa Waddick

Editor: Madeleine Veigh Harrison

Music Editor: Nora Marris

Assistant Editors: Karissa Waddick Nora Marris Henry Mayr

Second Assistant Camera: Noelle McGlinn Karissa Waddick

Special thanks to Dana Stevenson!

"Fence Theme" Composed and Performed by Henry Mayr


Marena Gloth as Kacy Alcott Nicole Vaughan as Louisa Mays KT Aylesworth as Beatrice Collins Julia Harris as Sadie