Our Shows

All of ATV’s shows are written, directed, and produced by AU students. If you have an idea for a show that we don’t currently offer on ATV, you’re welcome to propose and produce your show idea! Contact our Programming Director for more information.

Current ATV Shows

The American Dream

A unique combination of a late-night comedy/talk show and a sitcom, starring host Jason Gaines and his show’s correspondents as they work behind-the-scenes to keep their show running despite their unique assortment of personalities and random dreams.

ATV Beats

ATV Beats is a new show at ATV specializing in acoustic sessions and live music recordings.

ATV News

Start out your week with the latest news from around campus and around DC! ATV News is ATV’s flagship weekly news program, providing student-run coverage of campus news alongside local and national news, sports, entertainment news, weather, and more.

ATV Shortz

Ready for a laugh or two, or just something random? Check out ATV Shortz, an episodic collection of short-form amusing sketches and comedic bits.

ATV Special Broadcast

ATV Special Broadcast features exclusive interviews with select guests from the Kennedy Political Union and Student Union Board, as well as other occasional special features collaboratively presented by ATV.


Move over, ESPN. Each week, host Ben Florance and panelists discuss the latest news in the world of sports, make predictions, and feature coverage of AU’s athletic teams.

Superheroes Registered

Save the day with ATV’s new narrative comedy about Superheroes Registered, the world’s #1 Public Relations firm for superheroes.