Get Involved

ATV is a completely student-run television station, which means we can offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to produce outstanding creative work and gain invaluable experience in the film and broadcast fields unlike any other job or internship is capable of providing. If you have an interest in these fields, or are simply looking for a fun and productive extracurricular activity while at AU, then you should definitely get involved at ATV.

Top 10 Reasons to Join ATV

  1. Anyone can join ATV, regardless of your school, class, major, or level of prior experience.
  2. SOC classes teach you skills, but ATV lets you put those skills into practice. You can start working with cameras, equipment, and editing programs right away.
  3. ATV has over a dozen different shows with many different cast and crew positions, so you can get involved based on your interests, your schedule, and the commitment level that works for you.
  4. Have a show idea we don’t offer? We’ll help you develop your idea into a new show that you can produce or co-produce and work with you to get the resources you need.
  5. You don’t have to be interested in film or broadcast journalism to get involved. Join one of our departments that support the work of our shows and the station, such as Public Relations/Marketing or Outreach & Events.
  6. ATV enjoys strong partnerships with other on-campus organizations. We’ve filmed on-campus events and performances, produced major promo videos for AU departments, and have conducted one-on-one interviews with KPU speakers such as John Huntsman and Colin Powell.
  7. We learn from each other. ATV is the best organization at AU to network with other motivated broadcast and visual media students to form great collaborations and friendships.
  8. The broadcast industry is converging in such a way that anyone entering the field needs to know how to do everything–writing, filming, editing, and publication. We encourage our members to gain experience in all of these fields and to teach each other the skills they need.
  9. The experience you gain from ATV speaks volumes on your resume. Past ATV members have gone on to great internships and jobs with media companies big and small.
  10. Most importantly, participating in ATV is a lot of fun!